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Patricia“Genius often comes from finding a new perspective.” –Patricia Rose Upczak

Founded in 1996, Synchronicity Publishing works to enlighten the spirit of the individual through the publication of books and podcasts, as well as through the presentation of conferences, workshops and trainings.

In 1975, Patricia Rose Upczak started a highly successful integrated program for learning disabled adolescents in Boulder, Colorado. After teaching for twenty-three years, she retired in order to write books, teach workshops, facilitate conferences and offer retreats for teachers and writers in the secluded Rocky Mountains and founded Synchronicity Publishing.


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Have a virtual coffee break every Tuesday at 10:00 AM (Mountain Time). Click link below and join Patricia Rose Upczak and colleagues when you can. All writers and want to be writers join us.


Patricia Rose will be joined by Carolyn Oakley of Luminous Moon Design + Press who will be available to answer technical questions.

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