Critical pedagogy is a vital part of our profession as educators. We refer to it on a daily basis with every activity and lesson we present. One of my favorite authors, Joan Wink describes pedagogy as a philosophy of teaching that is specific toward every teacher’s unique experience. This workshop will discuss not only how important creativity is within pedagogy and the classroom, but also who to go to when resources are needed. Highlights of the workshop include discussion about how the local community is involved in school with reference to funding and various opportunities including animal therapy as an educational foundation for students while drawing examples from my school; Monarch School, which is a one of a kind co-op school model with a 503c nonprofit which serves homeless children K-12.

Along with the importance of community investment in school is the vital role of visual and performing arts opportunities provided in schools. With this thread of conversation, we will discuss still art, music, theatre, and total physical response (TPR) strategies which engage all children in learning. All teachers attending this workshop will leave with a toolkit of strategies which include think-pair-share ideas, desk library references, positive environment designs, elevation of student expectations, and most importantly strategies on how to connect with each individual student.

Kathleen Loyd

Schooling & Certifications
  • Undergraduate degree: B.A. in Communication from Simpson University
  • Graduate degree: Multiple Subject teaching credential from National University
  • Masters in Cross-Cultural Teaching emphasis in Bilingual Education
  • CEELE Spanish certificated in Marbella, Spa
Current Occupations
  • Kindergarten Teacher — Monarch School for Homeless Youth
  • University of Phoenix online adjunct professor (graduate level CTEL/CLAD programs
  • College level Elected Sociology department and Communication department TA
  • Elementary and Adult ESL teacher at the International Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador
  • Kindergarten pullout resource teacher
  • ELL resource teacher
  • After School Program tutor/teacher
  • Teacher Advisory Committee representative for school region
  • K-3 lead teacher
  • K-5 Common Core report card developer and presenter for JCCS distric

Monarch School — Juvenile Court & Community Schools
1625 Newton St. San Diego, CA 92113
[email protected]

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