John Schaefer, director/founder of the Children’s Media Workshop (CMWworld.org), is an artist, educator, community builder who uses innovative media experiences to created macro educational systems. His expertise in designing large-scale initiatives is informed by his commitment to grass roots authenticity. One day he is working on major systems (800,000 + teachers), the next he is in an inner city classroom giving cameras to kids while looking for a damn marker that has ink. He is a translator of concepts and experiences.

  • His documentary/art photographs of US political campaigning have been requested for the Library of Congress Master Photographers Collection
  • Original Sundance documentary artist, featured at three film festivals, on numerous festival posters, and in a permanent installation at Sundance.
  • Polaroid Artist In Residence – used Polaroid experimental films and large scale prints created at the MFA in Boston to document politics in America, featuring the 1984 campaign of President Reagan
  • Designer of the Visual Learning Workshops, a literacy movement that resulted in the largest in-service teacher initiative in US History > over 800,000 teachers in hands-on workshops, resulting in two White House invitations
  • Nissan Hometown Hero Award – featured on primetime network television, for youth empowerment through media experience and community activism
  • Designed one of the first online courses and webinar, The Media Savvy Classroom, in conjunction with Columbia Teachers College
  • MAPPTIVITIES – with Esri, HUD, DOT and NEA support developing an in depth curriculum that enables each student to understand the environmental and community impact of how s/he travels by using mapping media technology. Currently building a national model for K-12 inquiry based learning using critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, Spatial and Media Literacy.

John Schaefer
1215 5th Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
[email protected]