The Creativity, Thinking & Education Podcast features presentations by internationally acclaimed speakers covering a range of topics towards building a new paradigm for education and creativity.

creativity thinking educationEPISODE LIST

Episode 1. Introduction to the New Creativity, Thinking & Education Podcast, July 19, 2016

MICHAEL J. GELBauthor of the HOW TO THINK LIKE LEONARDO DA VINCI series, leads us through what he called a DaVinci Master class.

Episode 2. Da Vinci Masterclass with Michael J. Gelb, Part 1, July 26, 2016
Episode 3. Da Vinci Masterclass with Michael J. Gelb, Part 2, August 2, 2016

DENISE LINN shares tools for self awareness and talks about her experiences as a best selling author with dyslexia.

Episode 4. Conversations with Denise Linn, Part 1, August 9, 2016
Episode 5. Conversations with Denise Linn, Part 2, August 16, 2016

JOHN KREMERan internationally known marketer gives wonderful advice to anyone who is trying to market their products or books. Truly a dynamic conversation filled with vital information.

  1. Bookmarketing for Authors with John Kremer, Part 1, August 23, 2016
  2. Bookmarketing for Authors with John Kremer, Part 2, August 30, 2016

JOHN SCHAEFER, a leading edge photographer and educator has given us new material for teachers including a free APP for anyone who asks for it.

Episode 6. John Schaefer, renown photographer and director/founder of the Children’s Media Workshop, September 6, 2016

JACOB LIBERMAN, a renown presenter and author gave us special insight into the world of spiritual balance and guidance in the material realms.

Episode 7. Profound Words of Wisdom with Jacob Liberman, Part 1, September 13, 2016
Episode 8. Conversations that Matter with Jacob Liberman, Part 2, September 20, 2016

KATHLEEN O’KEEFE KANOVAS explores the world of dreams and tells us how her dreams guided her to complete healing from cancer. She also talks about other powerful experiences which included her finding her soulmate and marrying him.

Episode 9. Dreamwork with Kathleen O’Keefe Kanovas, September 27, 2016

DR. POLLY PALMER explores the world of possibilities she sees in students of all ages. She also talks about Sir Kenneth Robinson and the Finnish school system from the perspective of a veteran teach and professor.

Episode 10. Insights with Dr. Polly Palmer, October 4, 2016

CAROLINE SUTHERLAND is a medical intuitive, author, radio host, teacher, and an innovative leader in the fields of nutrition and energy medicine.

Episode 11. The World of A Medical Intuitive with Caroline Sutherland, October 11, 2016

BARBARA WILDER is an author, speaker, educator and workshop leader. Her greatest passion is to bring Light into the dark corners of our hearts and minds to help shift human consciousness up into the vibration of universal Love. 

Episode 12. Possibilities for the Future with Barbara Wilder, Part 1, October 18, 2016
Episode 13. Possibilities for the Future with Barbara Wilder, Part 2, October 25, 2016

DAVID GREENBERG is an author, lecturer and founder of Oregon Coast Children’s Book Writers Workshop.

Episode 14. Authors in Schools and the Oregon Coast Writer’s Workshop with David Greenberg, November 1, 2016

HOLLY KORBEY’S journalism and essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, NPR’s MindShift blog, and more.

Episode 17. Education Today and in the Future with Holly Korbey, November 22, 2016


Episode 18. Candess M. Campbell, The Importance of Empowerment and Writing, November 29, 2016


Episode 19. Mary Robinson Reynolds, Kids Color Personality Styles, Part 1, December 6, 2016
Episode 20. Mary Robinson Reynolds, Kids Color Personality Styles, Part 2, December 13, 2016


Episode 21. Jeff Goelitz, The Importance of Heart, Part 1, December 20, 2016


Episode 22. Tony Armstrong, Happiness, January 3, 2017


Episode 23. Techniques of NLP Can Change Your Life, Part 1, January 10, 2017
Episode 24. Techniques of NLP Can Change Your Life, Part 2, January 24, 2017

DR. MARY JO BULBROOK, RN, CEMP/S/I, HTCP, master teacher and practitioner in innovative programs worldwide.

Episode 25. The Wisdom of Virginia Satir, Part 1, June 20, 2107
Episode 26. The Wisdom of Virginia Satir, Part 2, available July 20, 2107


Episode 27. The Power of Chess, June 19, 2018


Episode 28. Brilliance of Brain Gym, May 7, 2019

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