Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., is a professional educator and an internationally known author and speaker in the field of movement-based learning. The originator of Dennison Laterality Repatterining, Paul is a recognized authority on cognitive skills and reading achievement. He and his wife and colleague, Gail Dennison, are the cocreatorrs of the Brain Gym processes, the cofounders of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, and the coauthors of the Edu-Kinesthetics series of books and manuals on learning through movement, including BrainGym Teacher’s Edition. Paul is also the author of Brain Gym and Me: Reclaiming the Pleasure of Learning.

Gail E. Dennison is the cocreator, with her husband and colleague, Paul Dennison, of the Brain Gym processes and the coauthor of the Edu- Kinesthetics publications, including VisionGym: Playful Activities for Natural Seeing. As a movement educator, she is the originator of several courses, including Visioncircles, Movement Dynamics and Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole -Brain Vision. Her teaching demonstrates her passion for art, vision, music, and movement, especially as these relate to perceptual and developmental skills.

Paul Gail Dennison
Podcast: Brilliance of Brain Gym, May 7, 2019